Check What Reptiles Live in Your State

What reptiles live in your state? You may have some interesting and even rare species.

In the Southeast you have some very big reptiles, including alligators, eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, and pythons. The Southeast also has legless lizards, called glass lizards. If you grab the tail, it will break off and the lizard will grow another one.

In the Southwest you have the only poisonous lizard in the U.S., the Gila monster. It’s about 2 feet long, and is black and beige. You can also

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Some Reptiles Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Although many of the planet’s reptiles are quite harmless, some are considered very dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.

For example, both the alligator and the crocodile have the potential to be extremely harmful due to their large size, sharp teeth, and strong jaws. Both have the ability to seriously injure and/or kill large prey, including humans.

Certain types of snakes can also be very dangerous, including constrictors such as the boa and the anaconda. These

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Learn More About Many Reptiles Today

All different types of people might have an interest in reptiles; however, an interest does not mean you know all there is to explore. When you want to learn more about reptiles, what sources can you consult with to really enhance your knowledge and develop an appreciation for these critters?

The best way to learn about reptiles is to visit a local reptile house in your community. If your town has a fish hatchery, you might find some reptiles there too. In the event that neither of these establishments exist, it’s likely that

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Pet Reptiles Can be Hard to Care for

Pet Reptiles can be hard to care for because they have many special requirements. If your looking for a pet that is cuddly, a reptile isn’t for you. However, a reptile is an unique pet that has the potential to live a long time.

Reptiles are an investment and can be expensive to maintain. Most reptiles eat foods like meal worms, mice, fruits and vegetables. You may need to purchase fresh food for your reptile 2

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Studying Reptiles Can be a Fascinating Experience

Reptiles are in-between warm-blooded vertebrates and amphibians. Reptiles breath air, are fertilized internally, and their skin is covered with scales instead of fur or feathers. A majority of reptiles walk on four legs. Snakes crawl on their bellies. There are some reptiles that have pads on their feet and can climb and walk upside down. Some reptiles can swim and all snakes swim.

Reptiles don’t have an internal means to adjust their body temperature. Their body temperature closely matches the surrounding temperatures.The full explanation can be found at

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California Enjoys Watching The Desert Tortoise

There really is something special about watching the Desert Tortoise. It’s amazing how hardy these beautiful creatures are, and they are a joy to watch in their natural habitat. You may be a frequent visitor to the Mojave Desert or the Sonoran Desert and never see the Mojave Desert Tortoise.

The reason is they are very elusive and may spend as much as 95 of their life underground. The best chance you have of seeing one is to go in early spring and expect to

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Check Out Which Reptiles Are Extinct

I have always been fascinated with reptiles. When others would run away and scream, I would stick around and investigate. It saddens me to think that there are some reptiles that I will never have the chance to see in person.

Of the most famous extinct reptiles (the dinosaurs of course) one of my favorites is the Microceratus. This miniature dinosaur lived during the cretaceous period. Imagine being only about two feet long and running into a Tyrannosaurus! It’s a good thing

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Reptiles

Reptiles aren’t furry and cuddly like many mammals. They don’t seem sweet and harmless like dolphins or goldfish, and they aren’t small and adorable like hamsters or rabbits. They have a reputation for being slimy, repugnant and dangerous, and most people try to steer clear of them. Yet reptiles are some of the oldest and most fascinating creatures on the planet.

Reptiles have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and now there are over 8,000 different species of reptiles on six different continents.

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